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14th February 2021


Dear colleagues, docents and students,

we would like to inform you about some new features that are now available for you in Microsoft Teams.


Breakout rooms is a feature within the videoconference that makes it possible to divide the participants  (students) into smaller work groups. This feature is similar to the one in the Zoom application.



On a new tab called „Assignments“ you can now create assignments and quizzes for students in your Teams. Here you can find an overview of all your tasks for students and the possibility of creating other tasks or quizzes. „Assignments“ feature is connected with the Microsoft Forms application, which we have now also launched for you (below you can read more about this feature).

For more information on how to use the „Assignments“ feature you can visit the website here.


Microsoft Forms is a service within Microsoft 365 that makes it possible to create surveys, polls, and quizzes. When creating forms or quizzes, you can, for example, select the type of question (text, choice of options, date, evaluation, selections from different ranges), set the form graphics, etc.(It is also possible to use the Microsoft Forms application separately without the need to use the function „Assignments“ in MS Teams). Login to Forms can be found on the website:

For more information on how to work with Microsoft Forms, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tomáš HOLÝ
Computer centre
+420 234 244 508

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