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July 30, 2020


22.8. - 23.8.2020

Dear colleagues, docents and students,

We would like to inform you about the exact date of migration to Microsoft Outlook, which is scheduled for the weekend of 22.8. – 23.8. 2020. Starting Friday evening 21.8.2020 e-mails will be no longer received in GroupWise (for students Roundcube). Instead they will start coming to Outlooku as planned. During the weekend the migration to Outlook itself will begin. Therefore it can happen that some e-mail services will not be working. From Monday 24.8.2020 we will dus start using Microsoft Outlook instead of GroupWise/Roundcube.  


► All your e-mails will be transferred from GroupWise (for students Roundcube) into new e-mail environment which you can acces via e-mail client Microsoft Outlook or via web interface on website mail.amu.cz.

► You will receive all new incoming e-mails in Outlooku and no longer in GroupWise (for students Roundcube).

► You will still be able to log in to GroupWise (for students Roundcube) for some time after the migration so that you can check if all your e-mails have been transferred into Outlooku and to make sure nothing is missing.

► If you an employee and you had mail forwarding set up to your private e-mail in GroupWise, this setup will not be automatically transferred and you will need to set it up again. For students e-mail forwarding setup will be transferred to Outlook. We would like to ask students to check this setup.

► You will log in to Outlook using your AMU network credentials, which you already use to log in to your work computer, to KOS or to Intranet. Please make sure that you know these credentials so that you will be able to log in to Outlook without problems. You can check it by trying to log in to Intranet. Open the AMU website, on the top right click on "Login", choose "Intranet" and enter your credentials for AMU network. If you forgot your credentials or you do not have any please contact your local administrator.


Administrative staff of faculties and AMU Rector's Office may expect that it will be neccessary to get their computers ready in advance. So please follow the instructions from your faculty IT administrators or from the AMU computer centre. They will contact you soon.

On Thursday 20.8.2020 (in the morning and in the afternoon) there will be a short instructional webinar (for employees and students) which will focust on the environment and some basic functions of Microsoft Outlook.

After the migration, on Monday 24.8.2020 from 9:00 to 16:00, a workshop will take place in the AMU rectorate building. Employees and students can drop by during the day and get acquainted with the environment of Microsoft Outlook. There will also be the possibility to discuss your questions.

We will provide you on time with detailed information on how to connect to the webinar as well as where the workshop will take place.

At this moment we are working on simple instructions which will help with orientation in the Microsoft Outlook environment and will also make you familiar with the basic functions. These instructions will be published before the migration on our website migrace.amu.cz.

We are looking forward to our cooperation. Thank you!


Tomáš HOLÝ
Computer centre

+420 234 244 508

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